The Halstad Municipal Utilities has various Customer Policies pertaining to the electric, water and sewer services.  The only official edition of these policies is the signed version which is kept at the utilities office.

Section 1: New Customer Policy

Subdivision 1:   New Customers
Subdivision 2:   Meter Deposits

Section 2: Disconnect Policy

Subdivision 1:   Delinquent Policy
Subdivision 2:   Utility Bill Payments
Subdivision 3:   Re-Connect Fee
Subdivision 4:   Re-Connect Policy
Subdivision 5:   Re-Connect Policy after Prolonged Disconnection

Section 3: Electric Policies

Subdivision 1:   Electric Services
Subdivision 2:   Lever Bypass
Subdivision 3:   Stopped Meters 

Section 4: Water and Sewer Policies

Subdivision 1:   Water and Sewer Hookups
Subdivision 2:   Water Reconnection Fee
Subdivision 3:   Water Disconnection Fee
Subdivision 4:   Sump Pumps
Subdivision 5:   Temporary Water Connections  

Section 5: Miscellaneous Policies

Subdivision 1:   Monthly Billing
Subdivision 2:   Budget Billing   

Section 6: DER Interconnection Process Policy