LRC Facility

The Legion Recreation Center (LRC) has been a hot spot in the community for over half a century. From the iconic bands traveling the world to the Halstad American Legion events, the facility has been a true gem to the history of Halstad.

In 2012, community members began seeking ways to renovate the LRC to accommodate events of all sizes. Thanks in part to a large donation, and numerous volunteer hours, the LRC now boasts a new roof, commercial kitchen, beautiful floor, walls and much more. The LRC is a building by and for the community of Halstad.

From meetings to weddings, the facility is a great gathering place for anyone's needs.  To reserve the LRC for your event, call 218.456.2128.

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20141007_152619.jpgThe LRC exterior renovation was completed in 2012, with new shingles, siding, exterior lighting, sidewalk repair, and coves for the doors.

DSCN7187.jpgThe interior remodel of the LRC was completed in several phases, with both volunteer and hired labor. The flooring was removed, and a new concrete floor was poured and etched to look like tile. The drop ceiling was removed, knotty pine was added to give warmth on the walls, and a full commercial kitchen was installed. The restrooms were renovated, a stage and bar were built, and new tables and chairs were purchased. The facility is one that we're truly proud to have in our community.

banner-3.jpgThe LRC is a facility where people of all ages are welcome to enjoy themselves. From Boy Scout meetings and weddings, to business meetings, the facility is flexible and perfect for any gathering.

The LRC Park was revived in 2012, with the addition of an exciting new playground for kids to enjoy! We kept some of the large swings and diggers as a way to ensure there is something for everyone. The open lawn next to the LRC is used often to have outdoor activities near the park. It's a hidden treasure in our community.