20140529_162738.jpgThe Community of Halstad has planned and developed strategies over many decades to ensure the community is a welcoming and fun place to live and visit. From the first rate Sanford health care network, to the world class telecommunication service, Halstad is a small community with big city luxuries. If a slower pace of life is more your style, you may enjoy the walking path, a theater production at the LRC or the boat landing for your immediate access to fishing the mighty Red River of the North.

Our community's amenities include both our people and our facilities. Our city's two new parks would not be what they are without the volunteer hours from our local residents. Hearing the kids laughing and the families enjoying time together is enough to know it was definitely worth the wait!

Cruise by the football field on a Friday night or step into the gym and you'll see and hear proud parents and fans showing their Panther pride! The high school for Norman County West School District is located in Halstad and boasts halls full of lockers, and classrooms with quality teachers. 

Whether you're considering a visit or a lifetime stay, we invite you to discover all that makes us proud of our community.